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Private Equity Sponsors Can Now Manage Hedgeable Exposures Across Entire Portfolio
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One source of truth for managing commodity and rate exposures


Private equity firms are often challenged to gather commodity price and rate risk exposures from portfolio companies in a timely manner. As markets move, this information delay causes missed opportunities and degraded returns. Having up-to-date information across portfolio companies on a single platform creates a significant advantage.  

AEGIS captures exposures and related hedges in a single platform, allowing private equity sponsors to see the exposures of a single portfolio company or aggregated across the portfolio. With this information easily accessible, AEGIS can also help manage these exposures in real-time through objective market views, customized hedge strategies, proactive portfolio monitoring, cost-effective trade execution, and back-office support.

Common hedgeable exposures for private equity portfolios include: 

Crude Oil

Natural Gas


Refined Products

Interest Rates

Foreign Exchange



We help private equity firms create value with advanced data and analytics to protect your investments

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Protect your ROI from the impacts of market fluctuations.

See how our team created a Customized Hedge Program for a Private Equity Firm to stabilize cash flow for their portfolio companies with a fully integrated approach to hedging. 

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AEGIS integrates all hedging activities into
one connected experience.



Exclusive insights delivering clarity on the factors driving prices to support smart hedging decisions.

Expert powered. Custom analysis on-demand.

What's Included?


  • Daily market looks and alerts
  • Forward and settled pricing curves
  • Key factors driving pricing
  • Latest trading trends and recommendations
  • Proprietary hedge benchmarking
  • Client-only webcasts



Tailored hedge recommendations coupled with efficient hedge execution upon your approval.

In the market. All the time.

What's Included?


  • Continuous hedge strategy evaluation
  • Proactive trading recommendations
  • Position and structure modeling
  • Market-leading online execution
  • Full access to trade history and analytics
  • Counterparty introduction and management



SOC-certified operations enabling full hedge portfolio visibility, analytics, reporting, and compliance.

Back-office simplified. Continuous support.

What's Included?


  • Real-time hedge tracking and visualization
  • Accurate sensitivity-enabled valuations
  • Trade confirmation and settlement workflow
  • Alerts and proactive discrepancy resolution
  • Track lender and internal hedge restrictions
  • Secure position, data, and document storage


No Implementation Fee

No Implementation Fees

Live in 24 hours

Live in 24 Hours

Robust Cybersecurity

Robust Cybersecurity

Cloud-based Technology

Cloud-Based Technology


Expertise Included


AEGIS offers unmatched SaaS technology and hedging advisory expertise to protect your investment portfolios. 

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Access our market research that offers a clear perspective with actionable insights.


AEGIS is the recognized industry leader because of our:


Unmatched Technology

We leverage technology to distribute information, improve execution, assess scenarios, and deliver actionable insights through web and mobile apps. And our investment is ongoing.


Best Execution

We tailor recommendations to specific budgets, underwriting, lender covenants, and investor objectives – and partner with over 40 counterparties to arrive at fair value.


Unique Insight

The scale of our platform, a team dedicated to studying global commodity and rate markets, and an unmatched client base allow us to offer a unique perspective.


Complete Focus

It would be easy to pursue compromising activities and fee structures. We are 100% focused on capital and cash flow protection through fixed-fee contracts. No conflicts. Ever.







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