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Last Look: Oil tests new six-month highs as Israel prepares for Iranian attack
Latest Insight
Last Look: Oil tests new six-month highs as Israel prepares for Iranian attack
Risk Is An Asset
Turning Commodity Price Uncertainty Into A Strategic Advantage

About the book  

WAYNE PENELLO AND ANDREW FURMAN have spent the better part of forty years investigating traditional hedging practices and innovating a better solution. And that innovation put them on a path to invent a groundbreaking approach to hedging.
Risk Is an Asset tells the story of that invention, and it will transform the way you think about hedging strategies. What you will learn by reading this book is that effective hedging is not a decision; it is a process they call “Process Risk Management,” or PRM. It is guided by risk metrics expressed in the same budgetary terms used to measure the success of your business. PRM helps each firm maintain focus on its own budgetary success and avoid the trap of trying to outguess the market.
Why is measuring risk in budgetary terms important? Because if you measure the wrong things, you are unlikely to get the results you want.

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Meet Andy

Andy brings over three decades of experience in commodities, trading and compliance to the team. Prior to his tenure, Andrew was a portfolio manager for two hedge funds. An options expert, Andrew was the managing member of Atlantic Capital Consultants, a member firm on the NYMEX. At Atlantic, he designed and led the commodity options training & risk management platform for traders in Energy, Precious Metals, and Agricultural and Soft commodities. From 1993 to 2000, Andrew served as an NYMEX Business Conduct Committee member. Andrew also held CTA/CPO Compliance Supervisor positions at Hudson Capital, WFP Capital and Penway Group.
He currently oversees AEGIS Markets as the Chief Compliance Officer. 

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What others are saying

"Straightforward and Extremely Useful" 

A must for every "risk management consultant" that wants to take his advisory to the next level.  - Alexei P.

"Practical & Comprehensive Overview"

One of the more practical, comprehensive discussions without getting overly technical & focusing on the process keys to success. - Aaron

"Risk & Uncertainty is Inherent in Everything"

You can’t expect to maximize your performance if you don’t actively evaluate and manage risk in the business world (and in life, for that matter). Instead of paying “Risk” lip service, why not actively manage it - P S Schechner

"Interesting and Accessible" 

Clear and interesting read on what's presumed to be a difficult-to-understand topic.
- Andy RC.


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