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First Look - Gas heads for a near 24c weekly loss amid moderate weather outlook
Latest Insight
First Look - Gas heads for a near 24c weekly loss amid moderate weather outlook
Protecting Your Business: Enhance Decision-Making Across Every Product Line
Industries / Consumer Packaged Goods

Whether it’s the business of refreshing beverages, nourishing food, personal care products, or indispensable household items, your ability to ensure a seamless supply of essential goods is the backbone of building a brand your customers trust. We recognize that managing the risks involved is paramount to your success.

Our expertise lies in mitigating the risks that can significantly impact your margins, like:
  • Commodity Price Volatility
  • Unpredictable Ingredient Forecasts
  • Consumer Demand and Price Sensitivity 
  • Supply Chain Disruptions
Allowing you to focus on what matters most—delivering exceptional products and services to your customers.

Markets we cover





Natural Gas

Crude Oil 

Jet Fuel

Renewable Fuels


Interest Rates

Foreign Exchange







We use strategies specific to the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry to help:


Cost Management and Profitability

Stabilize production costs, protect profit margins, and ensure consistent pricing for their products. This approach enhances profitability and financial stability, allowing companies to invest in research and development, marketing initiatives, and other growth strategies.

Competitive Positioning and Pricing

By mitigating the impact of commodity price fluctuations and exchange rate movements, companies can offer competitive prices to consumers. This strategic pricing advantage allows companies to attract and retain customers in a highly competitive landscape, driving market share growth and sustainable revenue streams. Additionally, executives can accurately forecast earnings per share and proactively eliminate unnecessary volatility

Reliable Ingredient Forecasting

Minimize the unpredictable swings in ingredient demand and reduce the impact of unexpected higher costs and the risk of negative margins. Ensuring your ingredients are procured and hedged in the right quantities and at the right time can improve production processes, margins, and overall costs, allowing more room for new product development initiatives. Accurate demand forecasts also help build a strong supplier relationship for better pricing and more secure supply agreements.

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