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Last Look: Oil tests new six-month highs as Israel prepares for Iranian attack
Latest Insight
Last Look: Oil tests new six-month highs as Israel prepares for Iranian attack

Our Commitment to Excellence

We founded AEGIS Hedging Solutions in late 2013 to help oil and gas companies manage cash flow through dynamic hedge programs. We set out to be different — to build a firm committed to excellence. To build a firm our people and clients are proud to call home. Today, we are honored to serve some of the world's premier oil and gas producers and to employ the best talent in the space.

Energy Risk Magazine recently named us the 2018 Hedge Advisory of the Year — repeating the recognition we first received in 2017. Moving from start-up to industry leader in less than 5 years has validated our belief that producers want a better alternative. Our commitment to excellence led us to build the firm the right way — investing in people, process and technology differently than any hedge advisory firm before us. This commitment shows up in every discipline of our firm:

  1. Market Analytics: while every firm studies the oil and gas markets, we take the time to publicly disseminate daily first and last looks at the market. Our clients receive weekly in-depth market insights and quarterly deep dives into infrastructure projects across the U.S. and Canada. It takes time and investment but providing proactive insight to our clients is core to our trusted advisor role;
  1. Hedge Strategy & Execution: plenty of people can "place hedges." But tailoring unique hedge strategies that are grounded in fundamental and technical analysis while taking into account production profiles, investor objectives and lender restrictions requires special skill. And while some firms view counterparty negotiations as a sport, we work with counterparties so that we can both optimize execution costs and prevent residual damage to critical banking relationships;
  1. Back Office Operations: before signing our first client, we made the decision to implement a leading energy trading and risk management (ETRM) platform. It was an enormous investment — but truly fundamental to serving our clients in a controlled environment. To further our commitment, we received SOC1 certification on our operations so that our clients could rest easy and avoid additional time-consuming audit work; and
  1. Digital Insights: we identified a gap with the application of technology in the hedge advisory space and designed a product from the ground up. Today, FLOW provides our clients complete insight into their hedge portfolio, counterparties, production profiles and price curves. We created transparency, made it easy for clients to work with their data and opened up a channel to distribute new capabilities each month.

AEGIS introduced each of these capabilities to all clients at no additional cost. We charge our clients a fixed monthly fee — avoiding conflicts of interest triggered by volumetric pricing. We set aside a portion of the monthly fees to invest ahead of the curve in capabilities that matter to our clients. Staying aligned with our clients and reinvesting ensures we "re-earn" business from our clients each day.

Finally, a true commitment to excellence requires focus. Instead of pursuing new business or trading proprietary books, we choose to stay focused on what we do best — knowing that being on the side of our clients and being intentional with capital investment is always the right place to be.

We are proud of the firm we have built, grateful to our clients who trust us each day and wholly committed to getting better every day.

About AEGIS Hedging Solutions

AEGIS Hedging Solutions is the recognized global leader for hedging technology and expertise. AEGIS' proprietary technology platform and unmatched experience in the commodity and rate hedging markets combine to help producers, consumers, manufacturers, and investors protect their cash flow. For more information, please visit