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Last Look - Oil finishes higher amid signs of stronger US physical markets
Latest Insight
Last Look - Oil finishes higher amid signs of stronger US physical markets

Bryan Sansbury on Digital Wildcatters: AEGIS Tech and Energy Markets

June 29, 2022
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Chuck and Bryan discuss the energy trading markets and what AEGIS is up to on the technology front. Oil was at $125 / bbl, and natural gas was at $9.40 / mcf at the time of this recording. 



  • Hedging is about surety, not about trying to drive alpha in an investment portfolio

  • All market participants can participate in the SEF, which is why we built it

  • "Calling people on a phone and typing into excel just needs to go away." - Chuck Yates

  • "When should you be hedging? It starts with, when are you making money?" - Bryan Sansbury

  • Generating carbon credits is a fascinating trend to watch as people are getting smarter about managing their operations





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