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AEGIS Webcast - March Energy Market Updates

March 10, 2022
2:00 pm CT
Oil prices are moving higher because of both the realities and the uncertainties of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. We’ll quantify the known elements of supply, demand, and trade-flow disruptions. We also describe both the low-price risks and high-price risks now present. There are hedging methods that prescribe specific levels of price protection, even in this kind of upheaval. Plus, natural gas!  

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About the Event

In this webcast, we’ll quantify the known elements of supply, demand, and trade-flow disruptions.


Energy Markets Webcast

Energy Market Updates Webcast Topics 

  • Why are some analysts predicting $185+ oil prices?

  • How much is oil price responding to physical disruptions vs. fear of potential disruptions?

  • The time to plan for lower oil prices is when prices go up. We’ll show some examples of how protection got cheaper as prices rose.

  • How should we think about prices in 2H2022 and 2023 in light of what’s happened lately?

  • U.S. gas prices are linked to Europe, so will there be spillover effects?


True Insight from Industry Experts

Matt Marshall 

Matt leads the market analytics and research development efforts for AEGIS. 

Rob Via

Rob leads many of the business development efforts for the Rockies and West Coast.

Jay Stevens

Jay is instrumental in the firm's oil and gas market analytics capabilities. 


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