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Last Look - Oil finishes higher amid signs of stronger US physical markets
Latest Insight
Last Look - Oil finishes higher amid signs of stronger US physical markets

AEGIS Launches Real-Time Oil and Gas Hedging Benchmarks

For the first time, oil and gas producers can assess their hedge structures and percentages against other oil and gas entities with similar production volumes, geographic locations, and ownership structures.

AEGIS Hedging Solutions, named 2017 and 2018 Hedge Advisor of the Year by Energy Risk Magazine, manages the hedge programs of more than 100 upstream oil and gas entities producing over 2,000,000 BOE/d across all basins in the United States.

With over 90% of its clients participating in benchmarking, AEGIS offers real-time insight into the hedging practices of leading public and private oil and gas entities. All data is aggregated and anonymized to protect client confidentiality.

AEGIS saw an opportunity to improve current hedge benchmarks that are largely comprised of public companies, compiled with inconsistent data, and delayed due to quarterly and annual filings. Moreover, there is no ability to interact with the data nor construct peer groups that provide meaningful insight to hedging trends.

These ground-breaking benchmarking capabilities are available to all AEGIS clients via FLOW, AEGIS' SaaS-enabled hedge-management platform delivered through web and mobile applications.

Since its launch in early 2018 and through continued investment, FLOW has become the leading digital channel for oil and gas executives seeking visual insights into their derivatives portfolios, valuations and counterparty exposures alongside leading research and pricing capabilities.

About AEGIS Hedging Solutions

AEGIS Hedging Solutions is the recognized global leader for hedging technology and expertise. AEGIS' proprietary technology platform and unmatched experience in the commodity and rate hedging markets combine to help producers, consumers, manufacturers, and investors protect their cash flow. For more information, please visit