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Last Look: Oil tests new six-month highs as Israel prepares for Iranian attack
Latest Insight
Last Look: Oil tests new six-month highs as Israel prepares for Iranian attack

AEGIS Launches Latest Release of FLOW

AEGIS Hedging Solutions, the 2017 and 2018 Hedge Advisor of the Year has launched the latest release of FLOW, as clients continue to increase engagement with the platform. Since the initial release, FLOW, a cloud-based hedge management platform initially built to provide oil and gas executives visual insights into their derivatives portfolios, has continually added new capabilities and now provides a true "plug and play" hedging back-office solution.

Early features included access to risk exposures, counterparty utilization, valuation metrics, hedge structures, production profiles, and price curves for viewing and downloading recent pricing data for more than 70 crude, natural gas, and NGL products and differentials directly from the exchange. Recent enhancements to FLOW include:

  • Increased granularity in production profiles, allowing users to view hedge percentages versus different reserve categories;
  • Introduction of minimum and maximum restrictions information so that users can easily monitor compliance with covenants and guidelines;
  • Consolidated charting capabilities, giving users both improved views and the ability to filter based on preferences;
  • Introduction of enhanced drill-downs, allowing users to view and export underlying trade details;
  • Completely revamped hedge book filtering and downloading capabilities; and
  • Online document storage and access (for valuations, settlements, confirmations, etc.).

Fueled by cloud-based ETRM technology, document storage, and production tracking along with integrated exchange data, FLOW provides users with access to everything they need to manage a well-run hedge program.

About AEGIS Hedging Solutions

AEGIS Hedging Solutions is the recognized global leader for hedging technology and expertise. AEGIS' proprietary technology platform and unmatched experience in the commodity and rate hedging markets combine to help producers, consumers, manufacturers, and investors protect their cash flow. For more information, please visit