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Last Look - Oil finishes higher amid signs of stronger US physical markets
Latest Insight
Last Look - Oil finishes higher amid signs of stronger US physical markets

AEGIS Launches FLOW Mobile App

Since its launch earlier this year, FLOW has become the leading digital channel for oil and gas executives seeking visual insights into their derivatives portfolios, valuations, and counterparty exposures.

Fueled by cloud-based ETRM (energy trading and risk management) technology, document storage, production tracking, and integrated commodity pricing data, FLOW provides users with access to the information necessary to protect cash flows through their hedge programs.

"As FLOW utilization has ramped-up, we have seen increased urgency to access hedge program information from anywhere at any time. A native mobile app was the logical next step in our development," said Trent Sansbury, Director of Operations and Digital Insights at AEGIS.

As a mobile app, FLOW provides users access to hedge percentages, structures and volumes, counterparty exposures, mark-to-market valuations, projected cash flow estimates, and critical trade confirmation and settlement documentation. The app also provides anytime access to proprietary AEGIS market analytics.

AEGIS is continually investing in the FLOW platform to bring additional insights and capabilities to its clients. After recently adding forward price curves, document storage capabilities and improved charting capabilities, AEGIS is already preparing to launch benchmarking, basis and locational differential insights, and counterparty support functionality.

"Building FLOW on the latest technologies has provided us the flexibility to quickly bring new capabilities to market. Our clients continue to benefit each time we release a new update, without implementation headaches or additional expense. FLOW is delivering on the promises of cloud-based SaaS-enabled platforms," added Sansbury.

FLOW is available to all AEGIS clients via both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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