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Last Look: Oil tests new six-month highs as Israel prepares for Iranian attack
Latest Insight
Last Look: Oil tests new six-month highs as Israel prepares for Iranian attack

AEGIS Continues Expansion of FLOW Capabilities

Since its launch in early 2018 and through continued investment, FLOW has become the leading digital channel for oil and gas executives seeking visual insights into their derivatives portfolios, valuations, counterparty exposures, covenant compliance reporting, industry benchmarks, and forward price curves.

AEGIS clients gained exclusive access to real-time hedging benchmarks via FLOW earlier this year; FLOW's most recent enhancements bring additional capabilities to all AEGIS clients.

Using FLOW, oil and gas producers can now easily quantify the amount of gas basis or oil differential risk that remains unhedged. Producers have faced significant exposure at specific locations and AEGIS has been actively assisting clients with locational hedging. FLOW now includes visualizations for both differential (oil) and basis (natural gas) products against multiple production profiles, with the ability to drill down into position level detail.

FLOW now offers clients the ability to access current and historical price curves for over 100 financial products. With volatility increasing, access to forward price curves continues to be at the top of mind for oil and gas producers. AEGIS previously offered over 70 price curves but recently introduced a number of proprietary curves that are now available to all AEGIS clients.

FLOW now supports real-time entry and view/edit capabilities of all production profiles and hedge restrictions via a simple user interface. Keeping production profiles and hedge restrictions current is an ongoing challenge for oil and gas producers and FLOW is simplifying collection and management. In addition, clients can now designate administrators to manage user access and can view production profiles on the Dashboard.

Capital providers — both lenders and private equity sponsors — can now utilize FLOW to collect hedge positions and production profiles from portfolio companies and perform valuations and counterparty exposures assessments to aid in risk management. In addition, these capital providers are now able to bring industry-leading software and capabilities to their portfolio companies.

Looking ahead, AEGIS clients can expect to see the following capabilities available in FLOW before the end of the year:

  • Internal Hedging Restrictions and Production Scenario Modeling;
  • Direct Entry and Edit Capabilities for Derivative Positions;
  • Credit Risk-Adjusted Mark-to-Market Valuations;
  • Portfolio Sensitivity Analysis;
  • Option Volatility Surface Visualizations and Downloads;
  • Trade Confirmation Verification Workflows and Storage;
  • Hedge Position Solvers for Percentages and Weighted-Average Prices; and
  • Enhanced Monthly Report Distribution and Notifications.
AEGIS has established FLOW as a true differentiator in the industry and is committed to extending its leadership position going forward. If you are not an AEGIS client but are interested in a free trial version, please contact

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