Latest Insight
Last Look - Oil reaches $80 for the first time since early November, ahead of OPEC+ decision
Latest Insight
Last Look - Oil reaches $80 for the first time since early November, ahead of OPEC+ decision

Accelerating Momentum in 2024

For ten years, our customers have trusted us to protect their profits from commodity price volatility, introduce new capabilities, and act with integrity in everything we do. We have coupled white glove service with modern technology to redefine our industry.

These customers have made us the industry leader. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, but it does mean we have more conversations, input, data, trades, contracts, production, and resources to position our customers for success. It also enables continuous investment in capabilities.
We enter 2024 with strong momentum fueled by a game-changing acquisition and a modern hedging marketplace – and remain committed to building and operating a firm our customers are excited and proud to work with:
Our customers have access to an integrated physical and financial solution. Our acquisition of Ancova Energy added 50 customers, 13 colleagues with deep industry experience, and software for well-level revenue insights, contract management, and auditing. This move leapfrogged the industry by combining expertise in physical and financial markets and using technology as an accelerator.
Our customers receive data-driven insights from the industry’s deepest team. With the largest team and broadest data set in the industry, we walk customers through market conditions, physical opportunities, and potential hedges. And we leverage “always on” research, pricing, benchmarks, recommendations, and quantitative models to assess impacts. This depth cannot be replicated.
Our customers are getting competitive and compliant trade execution. As part of the most active trade desk in the industry, our traders access proprietary price indications, take trades to some or all customer counterparties, maintain block size flexibility, collect bids on a single screen, and select any counterparty for any reason. All with customer approval. And all in a modern marketplace.
And, as the only hedge advisor to execute trades on a swap execution facility (“SEF”) with Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) guidance, compliance is not an issue for our customers. We could have ignored the guidance and hoped the CFTC didn’t enforce it, but we saw the customer impact when a former competitor’s trading was shut down. So why take that risk?     
Our customers and their counterparties are trading in a modern marketplace. Over 350 companies have executed over 550,000 contracts with 26 counterparties via AEGIS Markets. Resulting analytics are giving companies greater insight into counterparty performance. Efficiencies are being realized and user feedback has been off the charts. And more counterparties are onboarding.
We stand today with unmatched physical and financial capabilities in the market. Our customers are the only reason we exist and I am proud to say that we finished the year with a world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS). That is our guiding light. Thank you to those who trust us to work alongside you. We are proud to be your partner and hope you feel the same. We look forward to serving you and other prospective customers in 2024.
Bryan Sansbury, AEGIS CEO