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Why did AEGIS register as a Swap Execution Facility (SEF)?


The simple answer

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the regulator to hedge advisors, said we had to.

And by the way, we believe all similar firms may need to do the same.



Have 60 more seconds?

Tune in as Bryan Sansbury, AEGIS CEO, explains more in this 1-min discussion with Chuck Yates at DigitalWildcatters.

Like more detail?

Fortunately, the CFTC clarified SEF registration requirements in September 2021.

The document to the right includes AEGIS notes alongside the actual CFTC Advisory 21-19

And if you would like to hear from outside counsel...

Phil Lookadoo, head of Haynes' Boone's Washington DC office, details his interactions with the CFTC during the formation of AEGIS SEF.

Hearing something different?

In the end, the CFTC has the final say.

If you are receiving conflicting information, please contact the CFTC anonymously and simply describe the work your hedge advisor performs or proposes to perform.

Appropriate CFTC contacts include:

Nancy Markowitz
Deputy Director, Division of Market Oversight
P:  (202) 418-5453 or

Jonathan Lave
Associate Director, Division of Market Oversight
P:  (202) 418-5983 or

What could that conversation look like with the CFTC?

Regulatory compliance is a big deal. Take the time to be confident.

AEGIS SEF Overview